Reasons to Choose Gulf Gas

Emergency Rapid Response

There’s always an around the clock rapid response maintenance for gas emergencies. Whether you are existing, or are a potential new customer, our commitment is to provide you the emergency rapid response in the best possible way. Our latest, state-of-art rapid response vehicles will be at your door step, the team with the vehicles has the full capacity to thoroughly test and repair your gas fault at the spot.

Pioneers in Engineering Systems

UAE’s leading engineering, installation and maintenance provider for gas systems.
Founded in 1998, Gulf Gas brings cutting-edge solutions for gas and pipeline systems across the region. For more than 22 years we have been striving to deliver unmatched quality with a constant struggle to make our consumer’s life easier.

Innovative Solutions
Innovation is our core value; we believe in bringing new ideas to life and embracing new technologies to automate systems and increase efficiencies.

Health, Safety and Environment Practices
We place health, safety and best environmental practices firmly at the heart of our ethos. It remains at the forefront of our priorities, guiding how we conduct our business and operations. Our concerted efforts to maintain a high level of safety has yielded an improved HSE performance at Gulf Gas.

24/7 Helpline
Our success depends on customer’s satisfaction and we ensure that we are always available to attend to emergencies 24/7. Just dial 800 4446 and we’ll be there to assist.